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8011 O h22 Moslashuvchan havo kanali uchun alyuminiy folga

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Spetsifikatsiya diapazoni

8011 aluminum foil mainly added Fe, Si and other elements, as one of the advantages of hengjia Aluminum products, the company strictly screening raw materials, the production process layers of control, 8011 aluminum foil surface clean, uniform color, no spots and holes, can be customized production according to customer needs.

8011 aluminum foil has excellent moisture-proof performance, shading and high barrier ability. Non-toxic and tasteless, safe and sanitary. After composite, printing, coated aluminum foil as a packaging material is widely used, widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic product packaging and other fields.

8011 Aluminum foil used for bottle caps: liquor bottle caps, red wine bottle caps, wine caps, cosmetics bottle caps, milk powder caps, pharmaceutical covers, beverage covers, yogurt covers, easy to pull the lid, etc., advantages: Grade a brush water, low ear rate;

8011 aluminum foil is used for pharmaceutical packaging: PTP medicinal aluminum foil, cold stamping forming drug foil, 8011-H18 aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging, capsule aluminum foil board, etc., advantages: high cup convex value, high strength aluminum foil, good sealing;

8011 Aluminum foil for food packaging: food packaging, heat sealing foil, food box material, container foil, sealing aluminum foil gasket; Advantage: clean surface without foreign body. Health is guaranteed;

8011 Aluminum foil for industry: aluminum foil for transformer, aluminum foil tape, aluminum foil for cable belt, aluminum foil for filter; Advantages: clean oil removal, smooth version type;

Kelib o'rni:Xitoy
Tovar nomi:Hengjia
Model soni:8011
application fieldMedicinal aluminum foil, milk cap foil, bottle cap material, wine seal foil, tape foil, aluminum foil lunch box, food packaging, wine cap foil, aluminum cup wax holder, etc
·                                         TemperO,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24
Minimal Buyurtma miqdori:50KG
Qadoqlash Tafsilotlar:standart eksport mahsuloti
Yetkazish vaqti:7-15 kun
To'lov shartlari:TT / LC
Ta'minot qobiliyati:5000 ton/ month


Texnik standart
alyuminiy qotishmafe'lqalinlikengUzunligiariza
8011 Aluminum coil foilO,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H240.006-0.2100-2650CMedicine foil, tape foil, food box material, food packaging, easy to pull lid,                                        Bottle cap material, cable tape shield foil, milk cap foil, wine cap foil


Mahsulot xususiyatlari

A: It has excellent moisture resistance, light shading and high barrier ability.

B: Strong mechanical properties, good shear and tensile properties, easy to process.

C: Good corrosion resistance, with a certain ability to stress corrosion cracking.

D: Clean surface, uniform color, no spots and holes.



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